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March 20, 2019

Pamarco exhibiting at AICC Canada 2019.

AICC Canada/CCCA 2019
Conference & Trade Show

(20/20 Vision – Progress in Packaging)

As the leading manufacturer of consumables for the packaging industry, Pamarco is thrilled to take part in this exciting event. This year’s AICC Canada will be held at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, Ontario, Canada on April 24th – 25th.

At the Pamarco booth, you’ll find experts with a thorough knowledge of the industry showcasing our highly-praised laser engraved anilox with EFlo and ThermaFlo technology. Both of these anilox are renowned for being heavy hitters with corrugated printers around the world. Come see what the excitement is all about!

About Pamarco: At Pamarco, we are passionate about print and helping our customers to deliver high-quality, consistent print solutions around the world. We recognize color consistency’s place in creating strong brand identities and bringing added value to our client’s products and processes. This drive for consistency is the foundation of our success; it is the motivation and inspiration for everything that we do. Since 1946, we have been dedicated to helping our customers improve their print performance by ensuring quality products and excellent customer service. Developing talent to provide meaningful technical support and investing in leading-edge technologies guarantee that our products and services deliver fast, cost-effective printing solutions. To find out what Pamarco can do for you, please visit us online at


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