Anilox Refurbishing

We bring your anilox rolls back to OEM specifications following strict procedures.

Laser Engraved

We work with Anilox Rolls or Sleeves, removing the ceramic & the build up materials. To begin our anilox restoration process, we start resurfacing your anilox roll from a clean surface, reapplying the appropriate build up and barrier materials. Based on application and environment different barrier materials will be chosen, such as Nickel Alloy & Pamarco’s Armor Services.

Laser Engraved Anilox Restoration
Mechanical Engraved Anilox Refurbishing

Mechanical Engraved

Our mechanically engraved chrome rolls are reworked using one of our precision mills from our extensive tooling library.  We also have the ability for diameter restoration with several build-up materials in addition to premium chrome plating of the rolls after engraving.