Over the last 18 months, Pamarco has refocused our technical approach on anilox specifications to address what the industry has sight of: ink volume. There have been several articles written on this subject that can be found on our website. Dave Parr, John Bingham and I (John Rastetter) have all shared insights from our actual customer banded roll trials and evaluations. This knowledge is a powerful tool for improving your own ability to increase quality, consistency and reduce downtime. I’m here to remind us all that ink volume is the single most critical aspect in selecting an anilox roll.

teaser- Pamarco- Engraving Recommendations- 2017

The vast array of available choices for volume and LPI that meet your print requirements can be overwhelming. For this reason, we have created some great online tools that provide you with assistance in making these decisions. Whether it is for flexible packaging, corrugated or coating, these tools will act as a guide to maximize performance. Take advantage of our free online calculators or you can email us at katie.graham@pamarco.com and we’ll send you a calculator at no charge to you.

In addition to the knowledge available at these links, we offer two additional and equally valuable tools. The first is a volume & screen selector chart that has been updated to include the latest industry based knowledge. The second tool (click image) is a detailed reference guide that provides volume and anilox screen values based on plate and substrate type. Please take advantage of these tools and contact us with any questions. Our technical sales team is dedicated to increasing your performance and profitability, please email our team at katie.graham@pamarco for help with finding the right volume and LPI for your application.