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Hector Gamboa on Increasing Productivity with Anilox Audits

In our podcast today, Hector Gamboa dives into the world of anilox roll audits and their usefulness.

If you’re struggling to reach density targets, losing production time, or simply need to increase your level of productivity, this is the podcast for you.

Throughout the podcast, he examines the issues that can be solved or even prevented with Pamarco’s audits. Hector provides details on how audits can provide long-term solutions and give you the ability to properly monitor and proactively protect your anilox investments.
He also discusses introducing a tracking system so you can plan and prioritize based on your needs and gives insight into how these audits can help with budgeting and minimizing downtime.

Hello this is Hector Gamboa, Pamarco technical sales manager in Latin America, and today we are going to talk about Pamarco’s anilox roll audits and how they can be used.’
An audit is a complete examination of your anilox rolls. This includes taking impressions of the cells, to be analyzed with specialized software in our laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. This analysis determines the width of the current cell wall, the depth of the cell, the BCM or the current volume, and what type of engraving your roller has ( 60 degrees, 75 degrees, or it can be another type).

We provide a simple tool to determine what should be done with your rolls, via a report that includes a semaphore summary. The green signal indicates that your anilox is in good condition, continue to use it. A yellow signal indicates , the roller must be monitored, or the roll must be cleaned, and a red signal indicates that its useful life has ended and must be coated or replaced.

What are some of the issues that are solved or prevented with Pamarco audits? Generally, what I find is that, if you have trouble reaching density targets, an audit will reveal if the anilox is clogged, worn or damaged. The audit can also help provide a baseline of the anilox that are in good condition, to monitor plugging wear and possible damage.

What are some of the solutions that long-term audits can provide? Many of our clients use a tracking system, either through an Excel spreadsheet, or even a simple binder system, using our audit results to help them track the condition of the rolls, so that they can be proactive in the planning and prioritization of the rolls that must be replaced. This report can be used together with the budget of expenses so that the client has the funds available to repair anilox without having to fight for approval of funds at the last minute.

Why are Pamarco audits valuable? Audits can be key in planning, budgeting and minimizing machinery downtime. It avoids being in a reactionary position simply because you do not know the real condition of rolls and end up losing production time or increased productivity, because anilox need repair without having spares. The use of Pamarco roller audits can help minimize this loss of productivity , helping them to be proactive and always ahead of the game.
If you like to schedule an audit contact your local distributor or you can contact you me, Hector Gamboa. Thank you

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