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Hector Gamboa with Dax Hughes at ACCCSA Convention


In our podcast today, Hector Gamboa speaks with Dax Hughes at ACCCSA about the EFlo Market in Latin America .

Throughout the podcast, Hector and Dax speak about the EFlo Market here in America and Latin America, how it has helped and a little of its history.

Hello this is Hector Gamboa from Pamarco I manage sales for Latin America. I am here with Dax Hughes one of the principles of ALHU International, how are you today Dax?

(Dax) Very well Hector it’s a pleasure to be with you today.

(Hector) We are at the ACCCSA convention and Miami Florida enjoying the great atmosphere and good weather with our colleagues in the industry have you seen the show that’s far?

(Dax) I’ve always enjoyed coming to ACCCSA we’ve been attending for over 20 years. Every year we learn something new, we meet new colleagues and friends and as always the purpose is to look for new business opportunities that may arise. This has been our first year having the Expo outside of Latin America and I have enjoyed it very much.

(Hector) Dax, it has been a good year for us thus far in Latin America, we’ve had we’ve had some growth. I see that you and your colleagues have had some good successes this year as well, what do you atribute what has happened in the anilox market thus far this year in Latin America.

(Dax) There are a lot of factors but Mexico and Central America have alot of trade with the United States, and right now the US economy is strong. The Mexican economy is also moving on a good path. When the economy is good there’s more money, more capital and that’s one part. Another part is that with all the years that we ( ALHU International) have working in Latin America, we have our strong position in the market. Over the course of years we’ve had the opportunity to work with good customers and we’ve given them great service. In the long run the service we have provided to our customers, along with good products and quality generate very good repeat business.

(Hector) Dax in the last five or six years our presence in the market with our EFlo cell has grown substantially, which as you know is the elongated 75┬░ cell. We’ve had many customers that have been very happy with the quality of impression, improved ink coverage on solids and other advantages of EFlo. In your opinion how is EFlo being received in the marketplace

(Dax) EFlo as helped the industry for a number of years. The traditional engraving ( 60 degree ) has had limitations. If you increase cell count you’re going to decrease ink volume. With EFlo we’ve added into the possibility the ability to print cleaner, finer print but at the same time run jobs with simple prints or solids. The traditional cell has a limitation where if you increase cells count and you lose volume and this can affect other jobs you are trying to run. With EFlo the advantages is, you can increase line count but the volume will maintain or even improve. The cell geometry created by our elongated cell allow you to have good volume and a higher cell count the Best of Both Worlds.

(Hector) Thank you so much Dax for taking a few minutes to talk to us about the industry and our EFlo cell configuration. It’s such a pleasure working with you. If you desire more information regarding to corrugated printing in Mexico please contact ALHU International and I also am also here to help in any way that I can.

If you like to schedule an audit contact your local distributor or you can contact you me, Hector Gamboa. Thank you

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