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Careful consideration and time goes into choosing the correct line screen, cell geometry and volume to deliver the right amount of ink or coating to a substrate. Anilox rolls do not always deliver a perfect result. On average, each cell releases only 50% of the ink from the cell. The remaining ink stay behind creating the need we know all too well.


Importance of a Clean Anilox Roll

  • Anilox roll cleaning is crucial in maintaining the quality of the print. If you neglect to clean your roll inventory, you will not get the most of your anilox investment. As printers, you must ensure you get the same volumes from run to run so profit margins aren’t consumed by color correction.
  • Daily cleaning is essential in removing the deposits of ink left behind from your jobs. A great liquid cleaner and a brush can never be replaced. However, daily cleaning can’t remove all ink deposits from the cells of all anilox rolls. That’s where an automated cleaning solution comes into play. No amount of scrubbing or the most hazardous of chemicals can achieve the results that most cleaning technologies can accomplish.
  • An effective cleaning program should result in longer anilox life, fewer job rejections, less waste, reduced press downtime, consistent print coverage and precise volume transfer of inks.
  • There are many variables when selecting an automated technology that suits your needs. Use your anilox provider to help in this decision. Have the cleaning companies perform demonstrations on your rolls to assure their process can clean your roll line count and ink chemistry both cost effectively and timely.

Importance of a Clean Anilox Roll from EagleWoodTech-com

Why is baking soda cleaning so effective in removing inks, coatings and adhesives from anilox rolls? Cleaning with baking soda has been around for decades. This media is a natural, water soluble, inorganic compound with a soft crystalline structure that makes it an ideal cleaning agent.

Baking soda cleaning evolved from cleaning monuments, historical buildings and aerospace components all the way to cleaning ink out of the cells of anilox rolls. Baking soda is a natural for cleaning anilox rolls due to how soft the particle is in comparison to most substrates. Yet the crystal size allows the media to penetrate the smallest cell opening. The Armex® Anilox Formula is made specifically for use in the Sanilox™ Roll Cleaning System to remove dried inks, coatings and adhesives from anilox rolls.

To learn more on how the Sanilox™ System has helped alleviate roll cleaning issues like yours, visit www.eaglewoodtech.com.


Author: Peter Mulheran

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