January 11, 2017-Come join us in Las Vegas from March 29-31, 2017 at the Print UV Conference, the premier all-in-one conference for leaders in the global UV printing industry. Attendees meet annually in Las Vegas to network, engage with printers and leading suppliers, uncover new ideas and growth opportunities, dive deep into core UV processes with experts from multiple fields, and hear case studies from successful UV print initiatives around the world. As a leading supplier of rubber rollers for the graphic arts industry, we have many years of UV experience and Pamarco representatives will be available through-out the conference to help you find the right UV roller solution. For more information, please visit www.pamarco.com or to register for the conference, www.printuv.com and use the code Pamarco17 to receive a discount.

About Pamarco: Committed to the market since 1946, our business culture and value for relationships have been the drivers and differentiating factors behind our position as the world’s most successful print roll supplier to date. From offering the most extensive portfolio of products on the market, to offering the best consultative advice, to delivering overall superior customer service; all underpinned by our passionate corporate culture, Pamarco has been able to build enduring and meaningful relationships with printers and OEM suppliers all around the world. To find out what Pamarco can do for you, please visit us online at www.pamarco.com.


Contact Information:

Contact Information:
Katie Graham
Office: 404-691-1700
Email: Katie.graham@pamarco.com