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April 12, 2016

Pamarco, 70 Years of Excellence

APRIL 12, 2016– Seventy years ago, Pamarco’s foundations were built upon precision, consistency and a desire to exceed expectations. With a clear vision for the future and steady technological advancements, our founders truly defined the company’s direction. The result of this collaborative effort can be clearly seen in the product line growth of both our Flexo, Engineered Products and Offset divisions.

timelinePamarco’s anilox roll business began with mechanically engraved chrome plated rolls and primitive aniline printing inks with rubber plates. Over the years, we have advanced as a pioneer in ceramic laser engraved anilox rolls: a necessary move as our customers shifted to aqueous and solvent inks with photopolymer plates. Pamarco also holds patents on the first channeled engraving technology that produces some of the highest cell performance on the market today. We have remained true to our original form, however, by continuing to offer mechanical engraving and chrome plating for optical coatings to our electronic, automotive and medical customers.

Furthering growth in our anilox business, Pamarco established the Engineered Products division in 2013, with the acquisition of Absolute Engineering. This division has continued to gain a formidable reputation as the world’s premier supplier of woven carbon fiber chambered doctor blade systems to the flexo industry. With over 6,000 installations under our belt, we continue leading the field with unique solutions that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of printers around the world.

On the Offset front, our consistent growth is a result of the collective contribution of those who laid the foundations and those who built along the way. The development of Pamarco’s very own innovative ink management system, Sentinel, represents a major advance in our technology. The continued leadership of our visionaries, those who revolutionized the delivery of ink to the fountain, plays an important role in the ongoing success of our rubber roller business. Pamarco has also lead the way in our industry by being the first to develop the Diamond brand dual durometer rollers, spiral rollers and several other innovative rollers as well.

While maintaining the integrity of each of our acquired companies, Pamarco has compounded their production capabilities into our Offset and Flexo divisions. Carrying forward our founders’ clear vision for the future, internal growth of our product lines and well-planned acquisitions, we see continued prosperity not only for our business, but also for our customers and market. Thanks to the loyal clients we serve and a dedicated team, Pamarco remains the go to resource for knowledge and solutions.


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