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May 24, 2017



MAY 24, 2017 – As the world’s leading anilox roll manufacture we have spent a significant amount of time studying print related issues and how anilox roll maintenance plays a key role in print quality and productivity. In this drive to increase consistency and print fidelity, Pamarco has developed a new wash concentrate for use in water base ink systems. Tested extensively in the packaging industry we have demonstrated its performance, we are pleased to bring you, CARE® Wash Green.Pamarco Care UlraWash Green General Cleaner

CARE® Wash Green is designed to be used in 3 ways, cleaning the inking system including the pump, chamber and anilox, pump the diluted product through the inking system. Using this process in conjunction with the “cleaning Plate” produces remarkable results. The second way, Cleaning the anilox by hand using a micro fiber pad or brush. And finally, it can also be diluted and used in an ultrasonic tank. For more information about this product, please visit,


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