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April 7, 2016

Pamarco Announces New Podcast Channel

APRIL 7, 2016– Pamarco announced a new, global podcast channel that brings listeners conversation and information from Pamarco’s team of experts. The channel promises valuable and relevant information for printers and other stakeholders in the industry.

Pamarco’s podcast channel will feature an exchange of information from industry leading technical engineers and manufacturing experts. It will bring listeners exceptional information ranging from roll specifications and roll maintenance to technological advancements from Pamarco and beyond.

“Pamarco has proven adept at staying relevant and providing valuable content to the industry. With today’s digital environment and the need for instant information, Pamarco continues to meet those needs.” said Katie Graham, Marketing Manager for Pamarco. “Pamarco is a company with a global reach and printers around the world will benefit from this channel and it is a great addition to our content strategy.”

Pamarco’s channel can be found on iTunes and at

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Katie Graham
Office: 404-691-1700 ext 105