ATLANTA June 21, 2016– It’s June and Atlanta is quickly heating up. The Pamarco manufacturing facility is no exception: high demand for fast turnarounds and consistent quality keep the plant busy. To meet these demands, the company recently worked with Applied Laser Engineering to install a new laser. They also recently achieved their goal of becoming the only completely “green” anilox manufacturing facility in the world. These logistical upgrades are critical to maintaining the level of quality and efficiency that Pamarco and its customers require.

Due to the success that the Atlanta plant has seen, they have surpassed a major milestone for capacity and capability: in excess of 50,000 rolls processed. Dave Drozd, Plant Manager for the Atlanta facility, stated, “From a manufacturing perspective, nothing is better than getting a new piece of equipment! This cutting-edge ALE laser is like a high performance race car: the technology improvements allow us to reach quality requirements that our older equipment was not able to achieve on a consistent basis. This also sends a message to the Atlanta Team not only regarding the level of commitment for future growth at our plant, but that we are recognized for our achievements.” Pamarco is decreasing turnaround times and increasing quality; it’s an everyday effort that the company is committed to. Pamarco is the only anilox provider that has been around this long and remained at the top of the game.

Pamarco: Committed to the market for seventy years, our business culture and value for relationships have been the drivers and differentiating factors behind our position as the world’s most successful flexographic anilox supplier to date. From offering the most extensive portfolio of products on the market, to offering the best consultative advice, to delivering an overall superior customer service; all underpinned by our passionate corporate culture, Pamarco has been able to build enduring and meaningful relationships with converters and OEM suppliers all around the world. To find out what Pamarco can do for you, please visit us online at


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