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In this podcast, Brett Forehand, Technical Sales Representative for Pamarco Southwest, dives into pressroom audits and what they can mean for improving your print efficiency.

Press room audits provide detailed information on the status of your anilox rolls by taking impressions of cells to be analyzed by technicians using specialized software. Details include volume/BCM/density, cell depth, cell wall width and engraving. Based on the analysis, you can find out if your rolls are plugged, worn or damaged and in need of repair. If your rolls are in good shape, it provides a starting point for monitoring their condition over time.

Roll audits offer long term tracking solutions and great value by allowing you the ability to budget and prioritize for future maintenance, and by minimizing production downtime. They also provide you with the ability to consistently meet your density targets by being proactive rather than reactionary. Listen in for more information from Brett!

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