March 6, 2020 – The Erwin Center for Brand Communications is excited to kickoff an interdisciplinary packaging concept project with Pamarco in 2020, where Erwin Center interns will be working alongside students in the Graphic Communications department to complete a project all the way from ideation to production.

Erwin Center students, Macale Fusco, Sandy Hall, Becca Pulsifer, Caroline Schoenberger and Caroline Trembly are diving into the print industry as they design specialty packaging for a Pamarco promotion that will go live in late 2020. The interns come from a blend of majors in Clemson’s College of Business, but each plays a unique role in the overall project to simulate an interdisciplinary approach.

“I am one of the two Graphic Communications majors on the Erwin Center student team and serve as the Creative Director for this project,” said Erwin Center intern, Macale Fusco. “My main responsibility is to create the focal point and branded elements for our packaging designs. Our partnership with Pamarco has expanded my knowledge in print design and allows me to apply my class experiences to a real-world project.”

Currently, the Erwin Center interns are working through the concept phase, which they will present to Pamarco’s Marketing Coordinator, Kara Wojnowski, this spring. The Graphic Communications Department will play a large role in the implementation and production process where students will test and produce the packaging designs for execution.

“The most rewarding part of this project is getting to dive into an industry I’m less familiar with; all the way from brand strategy to concept ideation. I enjoy contributing through my skills in project management as well,” stated Erwin Center intern, Caroline Trembly. “We are excited to partner with Pamarco to help showcase their brand story through packaging design.”

More details about this project will be announced later this year as project phases progress.