Care™ Multi-Kleen

Degreaser Care™ Cleaner

CARE® Multi-Kleen Description

Highly concentrated cleaner/degreaser designed for a wide variety of press room cleaning applications that require an aqueous cleaner with extra grease dissolving power. CARE® Multi-Kleen has excellent cleaning power which incorporates anti-reposition and pigment suspending agents to ensure a bright finish, economical to use and can be applied manually or with automatic scrubbers, and can be diluted to strength and used for a number of applications ranging from the removal of heavy ink deposits on rolls or sleeves to covers and floors.

Direction for Use

  • Can be pumped or circulated through the entire ink metering systems
  • May be applied with a sponge, cloth, brush, pad or sprayer
  • Allow the product to remain for a few minutes, scrub then wipe away and flush the surface then dry with a clean cloth
  • Should be diluted down to the optimum concentration by hand or via a dosing system
  • For optimum performance, use with Pamarco’s CARE Pad

Recommended dilution ration with water:

Use at 4:1 dilution for general cleaning; Use at 1:1 dilution for heavy cleaning; Use full strength for heavily soiled areas. May be used with water miscible wash for special applications

Available Sizes

5 Gallon
55 Gallon Drums
275 Gallon Totes