Care™ Cell Restore

Heavy Ink and Soil Deposit Care™ Cleaner

Cell Restore Developed For You

In a constant drive to deliver value to our customers Pamarco has developed Cell Restore, an anilox roll cleaner. Pamarco’s audit program identified that many customers struggled with keeping rolls clean and with preventing plugging. We first addressed this issue with significant improvements to the engraving process and technology.

Things improved but the issue remained, anilox cleaner choices were limited. Which meant printers must use an aggressive cleaner with a high pH and risk shortened anilox life or continue the struggle. With our customers in this position we decided that we needed to develop a cleaner that addressed the issues and protected the anilox. Cell Restore is the result of this development process. Cell Restore is designed to work at a micro emulsion level using a pH of 5.5, it aggressively breaks down the cross linked ink resin and holds it in suspension to be rinsed away.


Cell Restore is an industrial strength, nonhazardous anilox roll
cleaner. It is formulated with high grade surfactants and solvents to quickly remove inks, dirt and grime from the anilox cell. Cell Restore is a water-based product with no flash point solvents. It is simply the safer and more effective alternative to traditional anilox roll cleaners. Compliant with California Clean Air Rule 1171.

Direction for Use

Cell Restore is a ready to use product that can be applied to the roll by spraying or wiping on. Simply apply the product to the roll, allow five minutes for the product to work, then rinse and wipe dry. For heavily plugged rolls, apply Cell Restore, allow five minutes for the product to work, scrub with a microfiber pad. Depending on the severity of the plugging, several applications may be required.