Increased Ink Transfer, Higher Solid Coverage


High Performance Anilox

Consistent Quality

State of the Art Ceramic Plasma Coating

Higher Solid Coverage

Designed to Run at Faster Press Speeds

Our Stance on Engravings

At Pamarco, we have the capability to produce a large range of anilox roll engravings. We produce all engravings to your exacting tolerance.

EFlo™ Print Capabilities

About of EFlo™

How Its Produced

EFlo™ is produced by the use of either “multi-beam” or “multi-hit” laser manipulation, depending on the screen count and volume. This cell has found a home in many applications where attributes such as low dot gain, increased ink transfer, improved solid ink coverage and cleaner highlights are important.

Density & Contrast

With Eflo™ we have enhanced the cell structure to work in concert with HD Digital Plate Technology to produce superior densities and contrasts at higher line screens.

Higher Line Screen

The cells produced have a much smoother cavity and more consistent, level, and higher defined cell walls which give the engraving its release characteristics, thus allowing more ink to the plate at higher line screens.

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