Ā Emboss Rolls

Emboss Rolls


TexBoss Emboss Roll

This is the process of creating a precision-engraved embossing roll with the ability to deliver superior characteristics of form or function, such as shine/dullness, rigidity/suppleness, smoothness/texture to a substrate. This process is performed with intricate hand-tooled mills and exact engraving techniques on finely honed roll bases. Desirable for plastics, films, vinyls, glass, leather, wallcoverings and nonwovens.


ElectroBoss Emboss Roll

A roll coated with hard copper can normally be engraved in two weeks, making this process an excellent vehicle for high volume needs. Engraved rolls utilizing this technique are chrome plated and finished with either a dull matte or high gloss surface as required by the end product. Ideally suited for specialty film, wall covering, paper, foil and special logo applications.

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