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June 17, 2015

Pamarco Signs Preferred Supply Agreement with MarquipWardUnited

ATLANTA JUNE 17, 2015 – Pamarco has enjoyed a long relationship with MarquipWardUnited, (MWU) as the preferred supplier of anilox rolls for their portfolio of corrugated converting equipment. After a successful inspection of Pamarco’s base roll manufacturing facility in Walton, Kentucky, and processes and procedures of the laser engraving facility in Atlanta, Georgia; MWU has renewed its commitment to Pamarco as the preferred Anilox Roll supplier. Pamarco’s superior quality and customer focus supports the demands of MWU in building world- class corrugated machines. This extension ensures a continued supply of quality anilox rolls to MWU into 2018.

MWU commented, “Pamarco is a truly unique organization with the resources necessary to meet our stringent quality requirements. They engrave our cylinders with their revolutionary EFlo technology, and manufacture and stock key-roll sizes. This allows us to meet the needs of our exacting and loyal customer base.”

John Burgess, President of Pamarco’s Flexo division stated, “By sourcing from a technically validated supplier with global support; MWU can now focus on achieving optimum performance with ideal anilox engraving specification. As converting equipment technology continues to advance, Pamarco will continue to make the capital investments necessary to satisfy the ever changing needs of printers and converters.”

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