The objective of any dampening system is to deliver fountain solution to the plate in a precisely controlled manner. The Crestline® Dampening System, when properly adjusted, delivers the minimal amount of moisture to solution to the plate and provides a smoother, more uniform film of dampening solution. When dealing with printing complications, keep in mind that most problems can be broken down into the following two categories;

This indicates that an adjustment or tolerance is out of specification or a part has broken. These problems usually show up in a repetitious pattern. Scumming on one side or hardened rollers are examples of mechanical related problems.

This is likely a tip-off that an incompatibility exists between chemistries being used. These types of problems show up in a random pattern or only in particular circumstances. Roller glaze and plate blinding are two examples of chemistry related problems. Another important factor in the printing process is the maintenance of equipment and rollers. Please note: top print quality cannot be expected on a press that is not maintained properly. We suggest following the press manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, as well as paying careful attention to the condition of both the ink and dampener rollers.

Troubleshooting can lead you in many different directions, moisture migrating back into the ink fountain or balancing water and ink are some common issues that arise. These problems can be quickly addressed with the right dampener. It’s important that the dampener be designed to provide an uninterrupted flow of fountain solution to the plate, to deliver instant ink and water balance, this will help achieve the proper color immediately. A dampener that runs without alcohol for minimal maintenance and prevention of migration. Pamarco has a line of superior dampeners available and our customer service team will be happy to find the right solution for you, also feel free to contact our marketing manager, Katie Graham.