Let us take a moment to talk about ink. Within the parameters of the print and packaging industry, ink quality is essential. When ink lacks consistency, it is obvious to the naked eye and can quickly become a large waste of time and expense. Thankfully, as technology has improved, so has the ability to measure and manage ink properly. So, what is the key to finding the kind of consistency that leads to ink savings and, by default, an increase in your return? Two words: ink proofing.

Advancements in ink proofing have printers expecting that the ink variables keeping them from increasing press-side productivity will be reduced or even eliminated. They aren’t wrong. For more than ten years, Pamarco has been assembling ink proofing data with their sights set on creating more efficient on-press ink adjustments in an effort to meet those expectations. This goal is why they created Iris.

If you are looking for a tool to help you achieve repeatable and consistent ink quality in any situation, Pamarco’s automated proofer is for you. It can help you reduce ink waste and its associated cost, shorten press setup and diminish color approval issues, and it ensures that you get the color you need time and time again. A major bonus: Iris also works with current Pamarco hand proofers, so your old equipment is actually being upgraded rather than rendered obsolete.

With a focus on ink standards through the management and technology advancement of systems that control ink from a run’s start to its finish, Pamarco has garnered a wealth of information that can benefit your company. From developments like Iris to viscosity/pH/temperature control systems and the latest in anilox roll technology, to knowledge that only comes with decades of experience, we have the tools you need to get more consistent color than ever before. Contact your representative today to find out what working with Pamarco can do for your print.

To learn more about the Iris proofer, check out iris.pamarco.com